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Zero Tolerance Policy - Abuse of Officials


The most important aspect of the STFL is fair and safe play, not competition.  The STFL is looking to promote sportsmanship through courtesy between players and officials; wins and losses are secondary outcomes. It is important that participants not lose sight of this in the heat of the games. We have many policies in place instructing all parties to show mutual respect for players from both teams and officials. However, some people seem to forget these expectations once the game begins and an official makes an unfavorable call (in some people’s opinion).
As a result, the STFL is implementing a Zero Tolerance Policy effective immediately, regulating the conduct of players toward game officials. Players are not allowed to disrespect an official’s decision, nor are they allowed to make abusive comments. Nobody is perfect, and yes, sometimes officials will make mistakes. Respectful dialogue is acceptable, but under no circumstances will personal attacks, derogatory statements, or threatening tone be tolerated.
An automatic two game suspension will be issued for violations to this policy with probation for the rest of the season, including playoffs.  For a second offence, the offending player will be suspended for the remainder of the season, including playoffs.
Thank you for your cooperation and let's please continue working to make this game enjoyable for everyone!
STFL Executive

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